Finnegan’s Brink #2 (cover A)

Finnegan's Brink 2 cover AFinnegan’s Brink was to be a three issue miniseries. For publicity purposes, Finnegan’s publisher wanted to have the covers for all three issues done before he solicited the comic. In 1994, when I was drawing the book, the comic market was still mostly a superhero ghetto. A number of publishers were, and had been, trying to introduce new and different types of comics, but the marketplace was still mostly restricted to comic book specialty stores. The biggest selling books in those comic stores were about superheroes.

The publisher wanted a design for the covers that would make them stand out from other titles on the shelves. He had an idea to use an couple of contrasting images, one inset within the other, in order to give a better idea to the scope of the story. It seemed like a good idea. I worked up some sketches and then executed illustrations for all three covers. Yesterday’s image was for the first issue. Today’s is for the second. Tomorrow’s image will be for the final issue.