Crowdsourcing: Chuck Bunker / Sean Cliver

The word is that every human being on the planet is only a few degrees of separation from every other human being. I’d like to test that.

I’m trying to reach a couple of folks who contributed to the MISC! minicomic for HSC back in the day. I’d like to talk to them about possibly reprinting their work.

There were rumors once that Chuck Bunker had passed away. Fortunately, that’s not the case but that doesn’t make him much easier to find. If you’re out there, Chuck, please contact me. You can comment on this post or send an email to davidlee.ingersoll @

Sean Cliver has achieved the sort of fame where posting your email address is just going to get your mailbox filled with spam and crazy people. If anyone can suggest a way to get in touch with him please email me at davidlee.ingersoll @ Do not leave the contact info in the comments. If Sean doesn’t want his contact info online I don’t want to put it there either.

Thank you!