Digital Sketching

For my Spring quarter classes at Seattle Central I added an elective class on comics to my schedule. Nizzibet encouraged me to have some fun while getting my edumacation. One of the early class assignments was to sketch out a comic strip or comic page that told the reader how to do something. The actual instructions for the assignment just said to do the work in pencil. I over compensated a little. Royden Lepp Digital SketchingRoyden Lepp was an entertaining and informative speaker. Seeing his demonstration helped to point me further in direction I’m currently going. Mr. Lepp has a nifty gallery here.

2 thoughts on “Digital Sketching

  1. “After 20 years has passed, he revisits the drawing, redrawing many elements and adding new ones to make the comic conform to other, lower-quality comics in the series. In a final spasm of revisionism and craven greed, he creates 3D versions of the comic, much to the dismay of fans of the comics.”

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