Summer 1872 – Unraveling Threads of Mystery

Podovkin’s smile held no humor. His eyes twinkled but with the glitter of sunshine on far away snow. I am sure that he was amused but I think that his decades of pursuing his alchemic mysteries had left him distanced from ordinary human expression. He said, “I corresponded with Escamilla from 1817 until 1826. At first his ambition was mild. He was a modest man and very methodic in his process. He had had some success with the preservation of living bodies after the loss of the soul. He primarily used goats and sheep for his experiments. He claimed the creatures only rarely became dangerous. In 1824 he obtained a sample of Eisenstein’s material. From where he would not tell me. Possessing that seemed to stoke a previous contained fire. He began to build a man.”¬†