Spring 1892 – Building a Ghost, Hand to Arm, Foot to Leg and Head to Neck


Doctor Hendricks pointed at my empty glass. When I shook my head he poured the rest of the gin into his own tumbler. He stared at the clear liquid. He said, “Tell Podovkin that I no longer play at God. I have accepted my place as His servant. I practice medicine to make the lives of the living more bearable but I leave the creation of life and the defiance of death in His hands.”

I resisted a sigh. Hendricks was listening to voices other than mine. I said, “Podovkin did not send me. We are not friends. I come of my own purpose. I understand that you have rejected the Sodality. Podovkin did tell me that. I have found some of your creations. I need to know if you can help me find the others.”