Spring 1901 – Oh Brave New Man



De la Furie spread his arms expansively. He grinned even more so. “It is a new century. We are casting off the past and marching – boldly – into a grand future. It will be a future created by those brilliant and brave enough to give old ways of thinking and assured enough to embrace new concepts, new ways of imagining and of being.”

I sipped my tea. I felt old and tired and unready for a new century, much less a bold, brave and brilliant one. I looked at de la Furie. I sighed, “Am I to guess that you are such a person?”

He clapped his gloved hands in show of applause. “I am such a person. Tragically, there are few like me. Too many are still mired in the muck of the last age. So I have taken it upon myself to correct that. I am making a new man for the new age. Would you like to see?”