Autumn 1903 – From What Derives Action, the Body or the Brain?


We finished filling in the grave shortly before sunset. Even this early in the season we had a long night ahead of us. We had enough wood to give us some warmth through the dark hours. The dogs would give me the extra heat I would need. Neither Justine nor the dogs enjoyed the others company enough for such an arrangement but, fortunately, she could stand much colder temperatures than a person born of woman.

“What could do that, Rose?” she asked suddenly. The sun had long since set and neither of us had spoken for over an hour. “That wasn’t the work of an animal. It didn’t eat her. It tortured her.” 

I said, “We will know more when we find it. I fear … I expect … that I know something of it. I recognized a smell on the corpse. Somewhere in this wilderness, a member of the Prometheus Sodality has been at work, building another monster.”

Justine stared at the fire. A look of profound sadness gripped her face. “A monster.” I barely heard her whisper. “A monster like me.”

3 thoughts on “Autumn 1903 – From What Derives Action, the Body or the Brain?

    • It looks like his creator expanded his cranium. Perhaps there’s human brain in there? To go with the human penis?

  1. Oh and chimps have really big testicles.

    Gorillas have little testicles.

    Human males are somewhere in between.

    One theory goes that chimps have to produce a lot of sperm to compete with all the other sperm lady chimps are happily taking in not just from the big guys but also from the lower status dudes who are good at sneaking some coochie coochie in the shrubbery. Gorillas, on the other hand, have exclusive use of a harem so their sperm can be weak and trickly because their arm muscles are gigantic.

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