Winter 1904 – A Devil’s Flesh is Cold


The children sat quietly, their eyes down, their hands in their laps. I said, “Mrs. Faillard tells me that you do not sleep. That you keep sharpened knives under your mattresses and forks under your pillows.”

Laurence smirked. “Only Berenice keeps a fork,” he said.

Berenice seemed to withdraw farther into herself. She whispered something I could not hear. 

“What did you say, Berenice?” I asked in a voice that was almost as quiet. 

Cyrus said, “She say the devils are coming. And no one believes us.” His voice was as flat as ice on a Montana lake. 

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  1. shrink back recoil , cringe , draw back , withdraw , wince , shy away , flinch , quail , cower , hang back She shrank back with an involuntary gasp.

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