Spring 1913 – The Adventure of the Sinister Skullface Society



Ginnie  tapped the stack of files that sat beside her mostly untouched breakfast. She said, “Most of the deaths have been blamed on unknown causes. No poisons were found. No major wounds were found. Three of the victims had injuries but those look like they happened while they were trying to get away their attackers. There are almost no witnesses. And the police didn’t do a lot of investigation so I’ve had to talk to witnesses myself. Most of the dead people were on watch lists of suspected anarchists and revolutionaries. Most of what’s in these files is information about them collected before they were killed. Once they were dead the police stopped caring.”

“What did your witnesses tell you?” I asked.

Ginnie sighed. She said, “Not a lot. Most the victims seemed to know that someone was after them but these police files show they had good reason to believe that.” She pulled out a folder from the bottom of the pile. “Louis Bastista fired six shots out of his revolver. The last one was to his own head. Four bullet holes were found in the walls of his house. That leaves one bullet that might have hit the murderer.”