Spring 1951 – In the Darkness We Come to Life


Lisa wiped her eyes, dragging her mascara down her cheeks. She stammered, “He said his name was Count Darkon. That he was … ” At this she began to giggle, “the Lord of the Eternal Night and the Immortal Emperor of Blood.” The giggling turned to laughter and the laughter to hysterical whoops that caused her to gasp for breath. I gently pushed her to the sofa and sat her down. 

At last she contained herself. She patted her hair but only succeeded in pushing it farther out of shape. She said, “He sounded like that vampire guy in the movies. Only not like that guy. Like that guy sounds when people make fun of the way he sounds.”

I nodded. I had no idea who she was referring to but I did not want to sidetrack her.