Summer 1957 – The White Cliffs Horror


Sterling looked over the railing and out to sea. He said, “I found it in one of the pools in the caves after that big storm ten years back. It was about the size of a cat then. I didn’t know what to make of it. I’m no scientist but I’ve always been fascinated by ocean life. I’d never heard of anything that looked like it. I was carrying a bucket of fish that I’d picked up on the beach that I’d planned to make drawings of. It was hiding under some rocks so I decided to tempt it out with some of the fish from the bucket. It tore through a couple of the bigger ones that morning.

“I came back with more fish the next day. And then the next. I meant to tell somebody but the more I got used to looking after it the more I wanted to keep it a secret. I knew that if I told somebody, sooner or later somebody would come take it from me. It’s a one of a kind. Freaks always get put under the microscope. I didn’t want that to happen.”

I nodded. I said, “It’s killing children.”

Sterling looked at his feet. He said, “I know. I thought it was a kind of sea dog. I treated it like a pet. But maybe it’s a sea wolf instead.”