Winter 1958 – The Company One Has


The older man shrugged. He said, “He don’t bother us. We don’t bother him. That’s how good neighbors act. Whatever he gets up to up their is none of our business.”

His son nodded. He said, “There’s folks that say bad things about him. Like he ain’t a good Christian. That he killed his wife. He comes to church. He’s helped with repairs. He ain’t the friendliest sort but I know worse. And nobody knows what happened to his wife. She just ain’t around anymore.”

I took out the photo of Angela Rigby. I asked, “Have you seen this woman? She might have passed through town last month? Her family has hired me to look for her.”

Chambers and his son exchanged a disbelieving look. Chambers looked me over critically. He said, “Well bless your heart. I didn’t know they let colored folks be detectives. You must be a smart one.”

He said it with such pleased surprise that I almost forgot to be offended.