Summer 1968 – The Right Hand Does


Lockridge studied at his notes. He seemed to be having trouble reading his own handwriting. He finally said, “The four known victims were all missing their right arms from just below the shoulder. Three of them; Arthur Hollings, Leland Dubois and Ethan Parker were all dead when found. The last one, Victor Allbright, lasted long enough to make a raving confession that no one believed. He claimed that he been possessed by an arm and that the arm made him do it.” 

I shrugged. I said, “And?”

Lockridge looked pained. He was clearly used to a more rational world. He said, “And, the chainsaw that Allbright used in the murders would have been really hard to hold with just one left hand. It was a heavy son of bitch. And Allbright? He lost his right arm in Korea. He normally wore a prosthetic but it was still at his house. Even then, it couldn’t have been used to operate the chainsaw. He couldn’t lift more than ten pounds with the thing.”