Spring 1974- The Runner Does Not Look Back


Lavinia Cooper pointed at the streetlamp at the corner. She said, “I first saw him back around Christmas. I couldn’t sleep. At my age I don’t sleep more than a couple of hours at a spell. So I was sitting up. I was watching the snow come down. It was really pretty there when the light hit it. And I saw him come running down the block. Really running. Not that jogging thing I hear people are doing. He was running like the devil was on his tail. He passed under the light and vanished into the snow.” 

She paused to drink a sip of her tea and to nibble a bite of her cookie. She said, “I thought it was strange but, honest, I wasn’t even sure I’d seen him that first time. It happened so fast I thought I might have nodded off and dreamed it. But then I saw him again. And again. I started staying up just make sure. He’s there. Every Thursday at 3 am. Running from something awful.”