Summer 1978 – The Moment When You Recognize the Inevitable

Silvertree shrugged. He said, “More humans mean there is more of a need for Sheriffs. The borders need to be patrolled. In both directions. Ra Ene Al is seeking revenge on the men, humans, that killed his family. I have been tasked with returning him for justice.”

I folded my arms across my chest. “Justice? Or are you simply enforcing a law?”

Silvertree cocked his head to the left as in considering the question. “I do not have the authority to dispense justice. That is the realm of gods. I enforce laws.”

I looked at my reflection in his sunglasses. If there were eyes behind the lenses I could not see them. I said, “As Sheriffs we must concern ourselves with justice. Nothing important should be left in the hands of gods. Gods are not reliable.”