Summer 1980 – Only the Facade is Wanted

Leon smirked. He said, “Why would I want to stop? This isn’t a corruption. This is a dream. I spent my living life trapped among the sheep. I was one of them. Too afraid to take what I wanted. Too trapped in the need to make a living. Needing to be careful that I didn’t stick out too much or I’d lose everything I had. And what I had was shit. I was worthless and so was my life. That stupid son of bitch didn’t curse me. He set me free.”

Kaitlin snarled, “You’re killing innocent people. You’re killing children!” 

Leon threw his arms wide, leaving his chest open. “No one is innocent. The minute we come into the world we start to fall. If I killed children I’d just be saving them from falling further into sin and despair. That’s if I killed children. I don’t. I bless them with the same chance I was given.”