Autumn 1980 – Every Thought Plants a Seed


Mrs. Armstrong did not speak. She merely looked out the window. Behind me I heard the clock slowly ticking. At last she said, “There was no magic involved. I drew the stories as quickly as I could. We got paid by the page so the faster we drew the more we could make. There were ten issues of Super Great Comics. Darcy Moon was in every issue, sometimes with two or more stories. The comics never sold that well. They were more a money laundering scheme for Lewsky’s other businesses. He published Super Great, Phenomena, Outer Reaches, Big Cat and maybe twenty other series. None of them lasted a year. Lewsky started publishing men’s fiction magazines instead and I stayed on for another year illustrating stories for them but that was less fun. The stories were all cheap sex and violence and none of the writers cared about what they were doing. It was pure hackwork. When Tyrone proposed, I quit. We had Lucy and Charles. After a few years I started selling illustrations to great card companies. Things got better from there.”

She turned to look at me. “You’ve really seen her?”

I nodded. I said, “As big as life and twice as colorful.”