Summer 1982 – An Emptiness Never Filled

There was little left of the body. It had been sucked clean of moisture, leaving a dry white husk. I could easily pick it up to examine it. It weighed, at most, twenty pounds. 

Felix said, “I first thought: vampire. But there’s no bite wound. And the remains are more solid than I’m used to. None of the vampire feeds I’ve seen have held together in the way that one is. They’d crumble when I’d touch them.”

I set the corpse down. “How many of these have you found?” I asked. 

“This is the second but I know of at least six more. I got called by an old friend in the ministry.”

“And you called me because of my age and wisdom?” I cocked an eyebrow. 

A laugh came from his unmoving face. “I called because I knew you were in the country and I like your company. And only a fool hunts a mystery by himself.”