Autumn 1983 – And So We Call Forth the End

Brother Entropy barely paused for breath. “I saw it! As the dawn rose and the sun filtered through the smog and haze, the vision came clear! The end, the cure for the cancer of civilization was possible. Nay, not simply possible but forthcoming. And like a cancer of the flesh can be cured by radiations and poisons so can a cancer of the soul like human civilization be crushed by the very pollutants that it brings forth. Sewage, refuse and plastic are not our enemies! They are the accelerants that will bring forth the fires to sweep away the rots of humanity. And like the cures for cancer that oft kill the patient along with the disease we must expect mankind to die. It has fed too long on the fertility of nature and left only shit in return. It is simply shit, not the good clean fertilizer that nurtures and grows. Its stench is upon us all. We cannot scrub it off. We should not try. Those of us who revel in it will last until the end. It will be through our filth that the Hounds of the Horseman will find us. It is our disease that will bring forth our transformation into Hounds ourselves. And as Hounds we will hunt down all who attempt to keep themselves pure. We will run them to the ground and tear out their throats!”