Autumn 1989 – The Watchers in the Wasteland

I struggled to focus. Whatever drug they had given me was wearing off but the world was still blurry place. I knew that I lay on sand but I could only feel it as a memory of having lain on sand in the past. I heard a voice and looked to my right.

A large woman leaned into my view. A name floated up to my memory. Charlotte Brown. Yes. Mrs. Arthur Brown.

Mrs. Brown smiled. Was that sympathy? She said, “Please don’t take this personally, Dearie. We don’t have anything against you. We just can’t be letting anyone into our business. We’d be more merciful but that would leave the sort of evidence we don’t need. I hope you there’s not too much pain before the end.”

I shook my head in an attempt to dislodge the fuzziness. In the process I saw my legs for the first time. There was bend in my right leg below the knee that seemed out of place.