Autumn 1990 – Zipperhead, Part 7


Rick handed me the police report. The name of the survivor: Tina Dee. Again. I said, “This is the third massacre that Tina has survived.”

Rick nodded. He laid four photographs onto the table. He said, “That is, this is the third massacre that I was able to get a police report for. I’ve got evidence of other incidence that I’m still trying to track down. This is Tina in 1982. This is her in 1983. 1986. 1987. She has the same hair style in all the photos. It’s the same length. The same color. It’s got to have the same amount of hair spray holding it up.”

Stacy clenched her hands together. She said, “I’ve survived more than three massacres.”

Rick nodded again. “I know. I’ve heard of you. You’re not famous, at least not among the mundanes, but in the circles I run, people know your name. This Tina Dee? No one has heard of her. I can’t find a social security number. No phone number. No address. She’s the girl who survives and disappears.”