Autumn 1990 – The Treat of the Trick


Following the creature’s progress was simple; the glow from its head made it easy to track even as the underbrush got thicker. That thick underbrush made the act of actually following it progressively more difficult. I could spider into the trees but Stacy, despite her athletic abilities, was earthbound. I lifted her over the densest patches but doing so quietly slowed us. Little Jack’s light became became further and further away. 

“You can move faster than me,” she said. “You should just go after him. I’ll be fine.”

I shook my head and then, realizing that she might not have been able to see the action, said, “We need to stick together. Wherever we are, I do not think it is the world you know.”

“What are you talking about?”

“We have been traveling for an hour through this forest, yes? And yet we are in the middle of Detroit? I do not think that is any longer true.”