Autumn 1990 – A Superior Prey Improves the Predator


Stacy watched Laurence Poulsbo through the telescope. She yawned. She lifted her head from the device and looked at his apartment with unaided sight. She turned to me and asked, “Why don’t we just kill the fucker? Why wait until he sets his sights on someone else?”

I did not want to admit that I had been considering that course of action. I preferred to play the voice of care and caution. It was not as if I cared about due process of law or a fair hearing for this accused. Even if Poulsbo was not the monster we suspected him of being he was not the sort of person with whom I wished to spend time. He had done nothing to deserve his wealth. He was unpleasant and abusive to his staff. He was cruel and vindictive to those who failed to show him the deference he desired. The world would not miss him. 

I realized that Stacy was actually waiting for me to answer her questions. I sighed and shrugged. I said, “We aren’t just going to kill him right now because, here in Manhattan,  he is part of a system that will strike us down if it feels that we are a threat. If we wait until he heads for his hunting ground we are more likely to be able to avoid having to deal with the forces of law and order.”

Stacy rolled her eyes. “That’s so fucking safe and practical.”