Autumn 1990 – The Science of Hiding

Karina rubbed her forehead. “There’s a voice in my head,” she said. “It can read the minds of everyone around me. It tells me what people are thinking. It helped me escape the hospital when the faceless men came.”

I nodded. There did not seem to be a better response. I said, “There was a lot of blood in the tenth floor hallway. A lot of blood. As if someone had slaughtered a couple of cows. Or perhaps a squad of faceless men. Furniture was smashed. The walls were torn. A hole was ripped in the outer wall and it looked as if something clawed its way up to the roof. Was that you?”

Karina looked at her feet and shook her head. “The voice says that she did it. She’s laughing.”

I nodded again. I asked, “Is the voice able to read my mind?”