Winter 1990 – Streamlining the Process


Dr. Daniels lifted his transformed hands and regarded them. He wiggled the fingers. He grinned. He said, “One of the biggest popular misunderstanding about the process of evolution is that evolution works in a specific direction. There’s this idea that intelligence and, especially, human beings were the end goal. That’s nonsense. The goal of evolution is adaptation for survival. Many species become so well adapted to their native environments that they can’t survive when that environment changes. Environments change. That’s inevitable. Therefore extinction is inevitable. Humans got luck. We developed a big brain that has allowed us to adapt to environments that would otherwise kill our bodies. My experiments are intended to give us bodies that are as powerful and versatile as our brains.”

“Not everyone is going to want to become an ape lizard,” I said.

He nodded and said, “I wouldn’t expect them to. I’m hoping to provide more varieties of body types. But even so, I don’t intend to make the process widely available. I want it to be available for catastrophic emergencies not casual party tricks.”