Winter 1991 – In The Season of Despair


Gunther nodded in confirmation. He said, “This has been a sad town for years now. No one seems to know why but it’s obvious. You just have to look at people’s faces. Their eyes hold wells of trapped pain.”

Felix’s metal lips curled into a smile. The action emphasized some new scratches in his metal face. I found myself wondering on the sort of trouble that could have caused such damage. Felix said, “I don’t think having me look at anyone’s face would do anything but but make them hide. This is your home so I’m taking your word for it.”

I asked, “When did the sadness start? Can you pinpoint it?”

Gunther rubbed his chin. The sound of his fingers against the five day growth somehow reminded me that I been three days without bathing. I would have to remedy that soon. Especially if I planned to spend time among people. Gunther said, “I came back to town four years ago. I didn’t notice it as much then. I’d just see it in certain families. The children would look like someone had sucked the life out them. In turn, their parents would walk like they were carrying weights. Nothing tears apart a family like a sick child.”