Winter 1992 – The Dead List

Boralis grimaced in amusement. He said, “You thought that you would have more control if you created your own daemon? I see the beginnings of your difficulties right there. If you wanted a daemon, you wanted something that could not be controlled, something that had loyalty only to its own plans and desires.”

Yurimoto nodded sadly. He said, “The Symphony wanted power. I warned them that the path they had chosen had many pitfalls. They thought that a newborn daemon could be molded, could be taught fealty and obedience.”

Boralis leaned over until his eyes were level with Yurimoto’s. The old man did not flinch. Boralis said, “You knew better. Since they refused to listen to you, you decided to teach them through experience. Isn’t that right?”

The edges of Yurimoto’s lips turned up for just a moment. He said, “The experience is proving to be most educational.”