Winter 1998 – Searching for Temptation

“We know secrets,” hissed Baas, “We know the answers to ancient mysteries.”

I sipped my tea. I said, “I know more secrets than I have uses for. I have forgotten quite a few secrets just to make room for useful knowledge. Thank you, but I will pass on acquiring any more answers today.”

The harpies whispered to each other for a moment. Ithic hissed, “We know how to make a man love you forever. We know how to acquire fabulous riches.”

I rolled my eyes. I said, “I will not live forever so I see no reason to force a man to love me for such a time. I have enough wealth to care for myself and a few of my loved ones. What more do I need?”

Baas’s stiff face somehow formed a scowl. Ithic hissed, “We know where your father is.”