Spring 2001 – Tales to Tell



When the coffee had been prepared and poured and everyone had a chance to add the rights amounts of cream, sugar, cinnamon, molasses – whatever they preferred, we took our cups out to the porch and sat in the sun.

I said, “I know you want something. You are so busy being polite and friendly and not asking for anything. That can only mean that you are waiting for the right moment. Now is as good a time as any.”

Rashad looked sheepish. Mellie laughed. She said, “Yeah. Yeah. We’re not as sly as we hoped. We’re been hearing about you from the family since we were kids and we wanted to meet you. Maybe hear some stories, y’know?”

“Stories?” I responded vaguely. I figured that their requests were actually more specific than that. They would need to learn how to ask direct questions.