Horrors at Party Beach – Black and White


I saw The Horror of Party Beach about thirty years ago. Probably more. I’m pretty sure it’s not a good movie. The monster costumes are pretty ridiculous.

But the idea of the creatures has stuck with me. Bloodsucking fishman zombies created by atomic waste. That’s neat!

So I’ve been drawing versions of the creatures over the years. My versions have always had teeth where the original movie costumes had … sausages? I understand that those blunt objects were probably supposed to be horrifying fangs but … they are blunt objects. The creatures are supposed to be some sort of vampires. How could they drink blood with those?

And then I thought – lampreys!

Lampreys are bloodsucking eels that are vaguely shaped like the Party Beach monsters’ teeth. Let’s just pretend that the movie makers intended that all the along; they just didn’t have the budget to reflect that in their costumes.