No Mustache to Twirl – Black and White


What’s a pulp novel without a villain?

Zorimi, the archfiend of Morgo the Mighty, works hard to earn his keep.

He wears a cowl to hide his identity. The fact that he’s in a cavern, far away from any of the civilized folk who might recognize him, is of no consequence.

He has an army of scaled men at his command. That’s scaled, as in “scaly” like a lizard or snake. In the novel they are referred to as Silurians but it’s unclear if they are actually reptiles or if they are a species of humans with reptilian features.

He has a thing in a pit to which he sacrifices victims.

He keeps a collection of severed heads.

He has a nubile young virgin locked away in his fortress.

He’s tailor made to act as the villain in a movie serial. Given that the author, “Sean O’Larkin” had a play made into a film, perhaps Zorimi was auditioning for such a role.