A Lingering Scent of Gasoline and Buttered Popcorn – B&W


And we’re back to our regular schedule – a black and white illustration posting on Sunday with a color version posting the following Wednesday.

This one is a more refined version of an image I did for the Drawloween/Inktober challenge last year. The prompt for that image was “Drive-In Creature Feature”.

I don’t have any real nostalgia for drive-ins. They weren’t a significant part of either my childhood or my adolescence. If I had a choice I’d have rather seen a film in a theatre building rather than a drive-in. I know people often used the drive-in for activities other than watching movies but I’ve got a one track mind. I go to the movies to watch the movie. I only remember going once, to see a double bill of Godzilla vs. Megalon and Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger. I’m sure that I have more than that but none of the films have stuck in my memory.

I do have sympathy for ghosts and creatures who have outlasted their original era. Most of us become the latter and, eventually, all of us become the former.

2 thoughts on “A Lingering Scent of Gasoline and Buttered Popcorn – B&W

    • Once again your memory is better than mine (as is your research). My memory says we say GOLDEN VOYAGE at a theatre in Petaluma. I have a visual memory of where we sat and the angle we watched the film.

      I have less specific memories of going to the drive-in. I know that Eddie (of Eddie and Consuella) took us once but, honestly, I’m not sure what movies we saw. I thought it was a Godzilla movie and a Sinbad movie but I could be wrong. I remember that we saw GvM at a theatre because it was rare for a Godzilla movie to play at a theatre and it was the last Godzilla movie until 1984 (in Japan, 1985 in the US).

      Maybe we saw GOLDEN VOYAGE at the theatre in Petaluma and GvM at the drive-in with some other movie?

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