A Thanksgiving Toast

We are none of us self made. We are the creation of genetics and parenting and society bouncing against each other, sharpening some edges, smoothing out others. Yes, we are responsible for the people we become but those of us who have gotten lucky enough to have good friends and family to shape us are truly blessed.

And I consider myself blessed. I love my own company. I’m able to do that because I’ve known so many people who have seen the best in me. By seeing that light they have brought it out for everyone to play with. And I’m all about playing. Getting work done? Sure. But that’s survival stuff. Once we get past that, what does life look like? Community and joy. You don’t have one without the other.

The last few years have been rough in unexpected ways. There’s plenty of things about my life that I could complain about. But not today.

Today I say thank you.

Thank you to the friends and family who have made me the person that I am. I didn’t make a list because I didn’t want want to leave anyone out. Today I want to include everyone.

Thank you for sharing good times and bad.

Thank you for the gifts of your intelligence, your wit, your kindness, your forgiveness and your company.

Thank you for the memories.

Thank you for the experiences.

Thank you for your generosity.

Thank you for sharing your time.

I only hope that I have given you half as much as you have given me. I hope that today you are warm and safe and known. I hope you have a place that gives you peace.

Thank you. For everything.

Sketches Found While Looking For Other Things

Most of the drawings that I’ve posted this month were done in early 2015. Today’s entries are from (I think) 2013. All drawings are practice for the next one but I do some with a specific purpose. I’m not sure for what purpose these were done however. I found them in one of my computer files while looking for other images. I’m guessing that I was trying out a new pen. And, possibly, seeing how much I could improve in the inking process. Batman




Working with Photographs


I haven’t worked with photographs much when I create illustrations. I use them occasionally when I need to understand certain poses better or if I’m drawing an animal that I’m not familiar with. (I should use photos more often even with animals I think I’m familiar with! I’ve gotten some pretty obvious things wrong.) In the course of our discussions, that writer friend (who I’ve been discussing creating a graphic novel with) suggested that I use photos to create more detailed backgrounds. In this case we were discussing doing a period story and using photos that were in public domain.

I’m willing to try (almost) anything once (assuming I’ve got the time and resources (digress much?)). So he sent me some photos of early 1920s Los Angeles. I liked this one and worked up an illustration using it as the base.


I like the composition but the results are flatter than I intended. Practice, practice.

Bumping Back


There are things that go bump in the night. There are things that bump them back. It’s not safe to assume that the second kind is any more friendly than the first.

A writer friend and I have, over the last couple of years, played with different ideas for graphic novels. So far we haven’t come up with one that works for both of us.This is one of those. No biggie. Part of the fun is the playing.