Fluffy Don’t Cuddle – B&W

FluffyOriginalBehold Fluffy, the Easter Bunny from Hell!. I did this drawing some thirty plus years ago and gave it to a friend. Last year she sent me this photo of it and I had to laugh. I’ve forgotten a lot of the drawings I’ve done but this one has stayed in my memory. It was nice to find out that it still existed.

And if the drawing is still out there, so is Fluffy himself. He just needs more children to see him and believe. The more children who believe, the more children he can visit. Fluffy doesn’t believe in good children or bad children. He hides goodies for them all. And if they’re really lucky, they’ll never find them. 

New Flesh for Old Mutations – B&W

I’ve given away a lot of my drawings over the years. Friends will kid me that they are hanging onto them until I become rich and famous. Then they can cash out. Silly people. I’m pretty sure I was never on a path to fame, much less fortune.

Recently one of my more sensible friends sent me photos of some of my drawings from back in the day – the “day” being some thirty years back – sometime in Eighties, a time of big shoulder pads and nuclear holocaust. She said that she was reducing her possessions in advance of a move and some of the drawings were going to get reduced along with the rest of the stuff.

I’m fine with that.

The work I did before the Nineties has life and energy but a poor awareness of anatomy. I thought it would be fun to do new versions of some of the characters in those old drawings.Mutant_Baby_OriginalsI thought the two fellows above looked like they’d be good traveling companions so I worked up an illustration that featured them both.
MutantsBWI just noticed that the big mutant is lacking the earrings I gave his original. Aw well, I haven’t worn my earrings in years either.

The Trash Comes Calling – B&W


THE MILPITAS MONSTER premiered on May 21st, 1976. The film tells the story of a giant monster, born from the local landfill (garbage dump), who terrorizes a small city in Northern California. It’s the best giant monster movie made by a high school class that I’ve ever seen. No, I haven’t seen any others. It still has its charms. And I do enjoy the concept regardless of how well some of it was executed.

I’ve done a couple of different versions of this critter before – here and here. I will probably do a few more in the years to come.