Little Dino (Black and White)

My earliest drawings were of dinosaurs. You wouldn’t know it by looking at them. The drawings looked more like balloon animals than anything with a skeleton. If my mom hadn’t labeled them you wouldn’t know what they were supposed to be.

Over the years I’ve gotten a little more skillful at drawing. At the same time our picture of what dinosaurs looked like and how they behaved has evolved. No longer do we think of dinosaurs as slow moving tail draggers. They run. They fight. They migrate. They raise families. And some of them have feathers. I’m delighted by the progress they’ve made.

Nope. Haven’t Read It (Black and White)

Apparently a pig’s head on sharp stick is one of the central images of the novel Lord of the Flies. I say apparently because I haven’t read the book. I managed to make it through high school without having it assigned to me and, being a Computer Programming major, I don’t expect to encounter it during my college career. It has a reputation of being a literary classic with themes of revolving around the inherent savagery of men or some such. It’s possible that I’d enjoy the book because the threat of having to write an essay about it afterward won’t be hanging over my head. Fortunately I’ve got so many less reputable books ahead of it on my reading list that I may never have to worry about it.