Moe 1990/2011

My first sketch of Moe (it’s somewhere in one of my late ’80s sketchbooks) established his appearance pretty clearly. The glasses, the dreads and the overcoat. Out of all the Misspent Youths characters he’s the one my hands know how to draw without a lot of warm up. I know my anatomy better now than when I first drew him but otherwise sketching him is like playing an old familiar song. Assuming I could sing or play an instrument 🙂

Lili Veracruz 1990/2011

Lili Veracruz got the other Misspent Youths fan letter. I did get more than two but I only remember the one for K.Z. and the one I got about Lili. The writer wanted me to show that Lili was a fascist and (if I remember correctly) a not good person. He said that as I portrayed her in the first issue she was just a fanboy fantasy.



Given that the same issue featured a sewer monster, a couple of casual hookups in a crowded club and ended in a shoot-out I think the whole thing was a bit of a fantasy. So I don’t quite understand the complaint.

Trouble Coyote 1990/2011

Trouble Coyote makes her first appearance in the fourth issue of Misspent Youths. The version of Trouble on the left was drawn while I was still working on the first issue. I’d only vaguely plotted that fourth issue so I really didn’t know what she’d be like yet. I don’t think the girl on the left would have survived as well as Trouble eventually did.

Cherice Unomuro 1990/2011

I have a tendency to invent characters just intending to use them for a specific purpose in one, maybe two stories, and then they move into my head and never leave. I don’t remember having any special plans for Cherice. I’d already written the first issue of Misspent Youths when I started putting together the proposal. Cherice was featured in an important scene so I included her in the character list but I really didn’t know what I’d do with her after that. But, like the adventurous chick she is, she just kept showing up.