Running Out

This sketchbook has only a few day’s worth of posts in it so I looked at my sketchbook stack to see which one I wanted to scan next. I discovered that I’ve got less than half a dozen books left to scan from. Or at least I’ve got less than a half dozen sketchbooks that I’d be willing to scan from. I’m not that excited about sharing most of the work I did before, say, 1994. Oh, I do plan to post some of it – there are finished pieces that I like the composition of even if I think the technique and the anatomy is … bad.

I will be posting images for a while yet. I’m just going to have to go through the boxes of loose artwork that I’ve got stored in the closet. And then we’ll see.

The Necrojack

Design sketches for a character called the Necrojack. With a lot of characters I think their physical form or place in a story. Moe and Detritus were sketched out before I thought of their names. King Roach was an idea before he/she had title. Necrojack, however, was a name first. Necrojack sounded cool. Who was he? Was he even a he? I didn’t know.

Iffrit and the Father

The fellow with the guns is the Iffrit, a take-off on the Shadow. I’ve never actually been a fan of the Shadow. It’s not that I don’t find the character interesting. I just seem to be more interested in other pulp characters. I’ve seen the 90’s movie and I read the modern day version in the comics but never read any of the novels or listened to the radio show.

I enjoy taking popular pulp and comic characters (and b-movie monsters) and putting a spin on them to see if I can invent something new. Or at least something fun to sketch. The Shadow supposedly got his ability to cloud men’s minds from a stay in the mystic Orient. So I thought, the mystic Orient is a cliche, where else could he have gained magic abilities? Maybe the Middle East? Why not?

The old fellow with the widow’s peak is Father Wilde, a Doc Savage take-off, in his later years.