Daughter of Spiders: Part Two

For easier navigation I’ve divided the Daughter of Spiders posts into six parts. Each part covers two months worth of posts. This part provides links to entries posted from March 1st to April 30th.

Winter 1843 – Brothers Bonded By Circumstance

Spring 1844 – A New Life for the Dead

Spring 1844 – Waiting on His Mistress’ Whispers

Spring 1844 – A Glance of Ice, A Stare of Granite

Spring 1844 – The Warm Scent of Christian Blood

Spring 1844 – Running on Paws of Flame

Spring 1844 – A Lightning That Teaches Cold Meat to Stand

Spring 1844 – Aged Spirits and Fruiting Bodies

Spring 1844 – Mrs. Witgarden’s Uninvited Guest

Spring 1844 – Movement is Not a Test of Life

Spring 1834 – A Run Across the Sleeping City

Spring 1844 – The Seventh Homonculus

Summer 1844 – Too Much Knowledge, It Burns the Clouds and the Light Leaves You Blind

Summer 1844 – The Transition of Reginald Holland

Summer 1844 – Wedded to Emptiness

Summer 1844 – Singular in Creation

Autumn 1844 – The Watcher in the Duldrums

Winter 1844 – A Bloody Morning and a Hard Afternoon

Winter 1844 – A Question Unanswered

Winter 1844 – The Unrepentant Witness

Winter 1844 – A Beautiful Prison

Summer 1845 – Planted in Rich Soil and Fertilized with Abundant Resentment

Summer 1845 – Stand Not Close When Negotiating With Monsters

Summer 1845 – The Hanged Man’s Vengeance

Autumn 1845 – The Tale of the Rattlesnake and the Condor

Winter 1845 – The Hell of the Ball

Spring 1846 – The Sky, Black With Wings, From Horizon to Horizon

Spring 1846 – Abandoned in Haste and Fear

Summer 1846 – Dry as a Hangman’s Tears

Spring 1847 – The Second Coming of Revelation Gilstrap

Summer 1847 – The Eyes of Strangers Staring Back

Summer 1847 – To Build a Welcome Place of Resting

Winter 1867 – Dancing by the Black Moon’s Light

Spring 1868 – In the City of Burning Dreams

Summer 1868 – To Stand Without Hesitation

Summer 1868 – Between the Sky and the Sand

 Autumn 1868 – The Laughter of Insects

Spring 1869 – When Next the Cactus Blooms

Summer 1869 – The Blood of Stones Does Foul A Man’s Heart

Winter 1869 – The Whisperings of Yellow Silk, the Rattlings of Yellowed Bones

Spring 1870 – Seven Bullets for Returning

Spring 1870 – Jerome Thorton-Syme Proposes an Expedition

Summer 1870 – A March Upon the Red Emperor’s Road

Summer 1870 – Downward to the Eternal Sun

Summer 1870 – Where the Fish Have Learned to Walk

Summer 1870 – It Compensates for Its Lack of Grace by Sharpness of Its Teeth

Summer 1870 – Peace is the Inward Breath in the Life of War

Summer 1870 – The River That Splits the World in Two

Summer 1870 – From Branch to Branch and No Ground Below

Summer 1870 – Dreaming of the Moon, Longing for the Stars

Winter 1870 – And Tear the Crowns from Every Lofted Brow

Autumn 1871 – Longing For the Wide Depths

Autumn 1871 – The Revelations of Gavil Y Rook

Winter 1871 – A Candle, Relit, Burns Not With the Original Flame

Winter 1871 – Dancing Upon Gravestones

Spring 1872 – Young Leopold Spends the Nights in Very Bad Places

Spring 1872 – Each New Breath is a Measure of Hell

Spring 1872 – To Plumb the Springs of Creation

Summer 1872 – Unraveling Threads of Mystery

Summer 1872 – A Specter of Flies

Summer 1872 – Her Song is a Key, Beware the Gate It Unlocks

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