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  1. thank you for introducing me to morgo the mighty! I saw your Silurian illustration and I had to know more about him and your amazing work. that’s how I found all about morgo the mighty! I really like the classic pulp stories especially science fiction about lost lands and underground worlds. have you read any of the shaver mysteries? they are really strange and weird and a hoot to read. full of strange people and an ever stranger inner earth world. I had to get a copy of the mighty morgo book you told about and am waiting for it to arrive any time now . please do more morgo and more of the sirlurian.

    • Patrick,
      I hope you enjoy the story. I have done a number of illustrations of characters from it. You should be able to locate them using the “Morgo the Mighty” tag.
      I have heard of the Shaver Mysteries but haven’t read any of them. Yet. There’s a lot to read out there!
      Thank you for dropping by,

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