Misspent Youths

Once upon a time there was an entry for Misspent Youths over at Wikipedia. In 2009 someone there decided that the comic wasn’t culturally significant or relevant enough and deleted the entry. Fortunately plenty of content farms had already grabbed the text so it was easy for me to find and preserve as well. The description of the series is better than anything I would have come up with –

Misspent Youths was an independent comic book by David Lee Ingersoll from the early 1990s, running only five issues. Reflecting a punk aesthetic even edgier at times than the Hernandez Bros.’ Love and Rockets, it dealt with two homeless youth, Moe and Detritus, and their friends in a dark urban landscape filled with drugs, gangs, clubs, and music. The stories were complex, very anti-authoritarian, and the humor rich and sardonic.

I’ll be posting all of the Misspent Youths material here at Skookworks. It will take a little time to scan and format but it’s on its way.

Moe and Detritus #1
Moe and Detritus #2
Moe and Detritus #3
Moe and Detritus #4
Moe and Detritus #5
Moe and Detritus #6
Moe and Detritus #7
Moe and Detritus #8
Trashing Detritus

Misspent Youths #1
Misspent Youths #2
Misspent Youths #3
Misspent Youths #4
Misspent Youths #5


The Gang 1990/2011

4 thoughts on “Misspent Youths

  1. Howdy! Would you mind if I share your blog with my facebook group? There’s a lot of folks that I think would really enjoy your content. Please let me know. Thanks

  2. I am SO glad I decided to do a search for your comic! I LOVED this comic back in the early 90’s and I still do today! Still have all five copies and hated that you had to end it so soon! I was in the Atlanta scene during the 80’s and I thoroughly enjoyed the parts that I could relate to and the rest took my enjoyment over the top! Glad you have posted the earlier stuff as well. If you ever pick this back up, just know that you have at least one person who is interested in reading it!

    • Kevin,
      Thank you for writing! I’m always delighted to hear from fans. Some of the Misspent Youths gang appeared in a prequel series in an anthology magazine, GLYPH, in the mid 90’s. Issues of that book are hard to find but I have some copies that I could send your way if you’re interested. Just send me your mailing address via the “Contact Me” link at the top right corner of this site.
      Cheers, DLI

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