Misspent Youths #1

Moe and Detritus moved from minicomics to the bigger world of black and white independent comics. I’m swiping this description of the first issue from Atomic Avenue, an online comic shop. If you want a physical copy of this issue order from there. And tell ’em DLI sent you.

Join Moe, Detritus, and the rest of the gang get together for the last night of Club Attitude. Due to be closed for numerous code violations and noise complaints, this thrash club is about to have its wildest night ever. People will meet, fall in love, and fight off wounded ex-boyfriends who refuse to take a clue and get lost. A triple bill of
bands will regale the crowd with lyrics like, “Gouge him! Stab him! Kick him in the crotch! Do it now! I like to watch!” A friendly harmonica-playing monster will eat someone in the ladies’ bathroom, and in the end, the cops will show up and have a gunfight.

A fabulous, funny one-shot, Misspent Youths is brought to you by David Lee Ingersoll and Santa Rosa, California-based Brave New Words.

Not a bad description. Brave New Words was actually based in Rhode Island but that’s the only complaint I’ve got.

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