The Highly Unlikely Adventures of Moe and Detritus #6

This is actually a retelling of the first unpublished Moe and Detritus story. Moe and Detritus began life in a comic strip that I drew on the kitchen wall at a couple of friends’ house over the course of a few months. As my friends understood it, once they moved out, the house was going to be torn down, possibly to be replaced by an apartment complex or a shopping center. So they turned the house into an art project. I’d show up every week or so, drink some beer and draw a panel of the comic strip. Drinking alcohol might have inspired many a great writer but it didn’t do much for my productivity. It took a lot longer to draw that first strip than it did to draw any of these minicomics.

I made one small change when I adapted the story for the comics. In the original version, Moe and Detritus get their drugs from some random punk. In this version, Chickenhead delivers the goods.

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