February 2014 – Mail and the Monkeyman

2014NewsletterLogoBrickHorizontalAs I mentioned last month, I’m currently working for the United States Postal Service. I’m what they call a City Carrier Assistant. CCAs don’t have regular routes. When a regular carrier has a day off we might deliver their route. We fill in when a carrier is sick. We deliver parts of routes when the mail is heavy and the regular carriers need help to complete their routes.

The station I work out of is one of the larger ones in Seattle. We deliver to four zip codes. We have walking routes and driving routes. A lot of the routes involve a combination of park and loops (where the carrier parks their vehicle at one end of a street and then delivers the mail by walking up one side and down the other), car hops (where the carrier delivers by driving to individual houses or small groups of houses) and mounted deliveries (where the carrier drives from mailbox to mailbox and delivers without having to exit their vehicle).

I prefer the walking routes most days. I like the exercise and even on cold days I’m usually moving enough to stay warm.

I’ve gotten Sundays and federal holidays off but otherwise I’ve worked every day since shortly after Thanksgiving. That hasn’t left me a lot of time for either art or socializing but I’ve still managed to get a little in.

My latest art project will be illustrating a book of travel essays/fiction. I’ll have more to say about that next month.

Until then, please enjoy this month’s comic. It’s the second episode of the Zazkwatch series. It was first published in the September 1998 issue of GLYPH.

Zaz0201Zaz0202 Zaz0203Zaz0204

See you next month!

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