Saur Thirteen

Saur ThirteenThe final character I submitted to the Savage Dragon character contest was Saur Thirteen. Saur Thirteen is one of those ill planned secret government experiments in creating a non-human soldier.

Saur Thirteen wasn’t chosen. None of the characters I submitted were. The winner of the contest was Jimbo Da Mighty Lobster. He made his one and only appearance in The Savage Dragon #10.

At time, I was annoyed at Larsen’s choice for the winner. It’s not that I expected to win. I just expected that whatever character won would be cooler and more imaginative than anything I submitted. I suspect now that it was Jimbo’s plain goofiness that had him win. By 1993, Larsen had been working in superhero comics for years. He’d drawn a lot of cool, edgy, serious characters. Silly and dumb probably seemed like a relief.

The Pile 1993

The Pile 1993
For a third character for the Savage Dragon contest I went back to a creature I’d already spent a couple of years drawing: The Pile from Misspent Youths. For anyone who has never read Misspent Youths or The Highly Unlikely Adventures of Moe and Detritus, the Pile is, well, a pile of garbage, body parts, sewage, hazardous waste and gods know what else that came to life one evening. Moe and Detritus introduced it to beer and it hung out and with them after that.

Fleshcrawl & Bonechill

Fleshcrawl and BonechillIn 1993, Erik Larsen, the creator/writer/illustrator of The Savage Dragon, ran a character creation contest. He asked for fans to submit characters as possible opponents for the Dragon in an upcoming issue of the comic. I wrote up descriptions for, and illustrations of, six different characters and sent them in. And waited.

The pair above are Bonechill and Fleshcrawl, a supervillain team. Bonechill lives inside Fleshcrawl. Bonechill can rip you apart with his claws or freeze you with his touch. Fleshcrawl is a boneless blob when Bonechill isn’t inside him. He kills by wrapping himself around his victim and suffocating him.

They didn’t get chosen.

Hot Talking

Hot Talkin' I’ve forgotten what zine or magazine that I did this illustration for. I’m going through the boxes of zines and minicomics that I amassed back at the beginning of the Nineties. If I ever got a contributor’s copy I should have it somewhere in one of them. So if I find it I’ll update this post. From what I remember it was to illustrate a piece of fiction that involved phone sex. It was probably a horror story. I did  the occasional piece for erotic fiction zines but I did a lot more work in the horror genre.