If Company Should Come

Back in 2011 I illustrated two stories for THE AKLONOMICON, an anthology of Lovecraftian stories and poems. The print run of the book was very limited and it has long since sold out. Sadly (for me) I only have a PDF of the book, not a print version. PDFs and ebooks may be the way most things get published (now and) in the future but I can’t put them on my shelves so they just don’t seem real.

Below is my illustration for “If Company Should Come” by Edward Morris. I don’t think the story has seen print yet anywhere else. That’s unfortunate. Ed is fine fellow and his way with words makes me very very jealous. 417944_10151426470637695_1856986539_n

Available Now

Two publications of interest have just become available.

The PDF version of Investigator Weapons, volume 1 is ready for those folks who don’t need dead tree editions. This is the first book from Sixtystone Press. Sixtystone are the guys behind The Black Seal. It’s by Hans-Christian Vortisch under a fine cover by Chris Huth. I recommend it.

Also available is The AKLONOMICON, an illustrated anthology of Lovecraftian fiction. It’s huge and beautifully ugly. I’ve provided illustrations for a couple of the stories. A complete table of contents can be found here.