What is Best in Life? – Pencils

By the time the robots take over the world all the large carnivores are likely to be extinct. So where did this chap get its furs?

I emailed the finished (inked and colored) version of this illustration to a friend. Just the illustration. No commentary. His response was perfect –

“I don’t think you MEAN for this robot to have skinned a teddy bear, but absent more context, that’s what I’m going with. Because I like it šŸ™‚ “

That works for me.

In the House of the Rising Sun – Colors

How could we keep robots from wanting to destroy us?

All we need to do is figure how to program them to love us. And to love us no matter what. To find us funny and amusing. To be willing to be patient with our inconsistencies, our ignorance, our self destructive behavior and our shortsightedness.

Tall order.

In the House of the Rising Sun – Inks

The female robot will not be female. It will still be a machine. It might be program to act like a woman but it will not be a woman. It will not be acting like a woman. It will be acting likeĀ its programmer’s fantasy of how a woman should act. It will be acting like its programmer’s culture’s fantasy of how a woman should act.