Fluffy Don’t Cuddle – B&W

FluffyOriginalBehold Fluffy, the Easter Bunny from Hell!. I did this drawing some thirty plus years ago and gave it to a friend. Last year she sent me this photo of it and I had to laugh. I’ve forgotten a lot of the drawings I’ve done but this one has stayed in my memory. It was nice to find out that it still existed.

And if the drawing is still out there, so is Fluffy himself. He just needs more children to see him and believe. The more children who believe, the more children he can visit. Fluffy doesn’t believe in good children or bad children. He hides goodies for them all. And if they’re really lucky, they’ll never find them. 

Preview Sketches

Here are some of the sketches I plan to turn into colored illustrations over the next few months. No doubt I will get distracted and work up new sketches before all of these get completed. I’ve also started work on a graphic novel commission that I expect will take up most of the time that isn’t currently filled by my day job. This week I’m just posting these previews and a few other, older illustrations that haven’t made it to this site yet. There may be some weeks where I don’t post. Hopefully not but … minisketches2017001 minisketches2017002 minisketches2017003 minisketches2017004