An Unholy Trio – Black and White


From left to right – Wilbur Whateley, the Frankenstein Monster and Helen Vaughn. I did a portrait of this trio last year. I didn’t think I did them quite the justice they deserved so here’s another attempt.

Most folks know who the Frankenstein Monster is. Other folks know Wilbur Whateley from The Dunwich Horror. Helen is the more obscure character. She’s the “monster” in The Great God Pan.

The Bride is Her Own Creation – Color


I gave the Bride the same neck bolts as the Monster. In the film she doesn’t have them. There’s no explanation in the film why she doesn’t. It’s possible that Frankenstein and Pretorius improved on Frankenstein’s animation process and the bolts weren’t necessary. Or perhaps they put the bolts in a more discreet place?