Zipperhead #5

Zipperhead #5This is the last of my submissions to All Cover Comics. I submitted illustrations and cartoons to other High School Comics publications. Those will show up on these pages sooner or later. I’m also working on an interview with Bob and Randy that should get posted in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

Zipperhead #1

Zipperhead #1Finally, we have Zipperhead, the friendly neighborhood serial killer. Of all the ACC characters, only Zipperhead had any life beyond these submissions. It wasn’t a public life. As far as I can remember he never saw print anywhere else. He just appears in my imagination when I need to consider an over the top psycho. I’ve got random sketches of him in my sketchbooks. I’ve got one specific story that I’d like to use him in but I’ll probably never get around to it. He’s got no origin tale. He doesn’t have any particular motivation for his kills nor does he have a preferred set of victims. He doesn’t have a favorite weapon. I don’t know what his face looks like under his mask. I don’t know how he breathes through that thing.

Zippie just kills people and then makes bad jokes about it. That’s his schtick. It keeps him happy.