Of Course There’s a Frankenstein Monster (Color)

And here’s the color version of yesterday’s Frankenstein monster. He’s got a little more green in him than I generally give my Frankensteins. I grew up with Herman Munster and the ubiquitous Universal Frankenstein and, however cool those characters are (or are not), I tend to react against them when I draw a Frankenstein.

As I understand it, the Universal Frankenstein wasn’t meant to be green. All of the original Universal Frankenstein movies were filmed in black and white. The makeup that Boris Karloff wore in the first films was green because it photographed as a sickly shade of grey. Color publicity photos and green shaded versions of the monster in later promotional material fixed his color as green in the public’s imagination.

The world is full of square headed green Frankies. I don’t need to add to the number. Mary Shelley’s version was a very different monster. There have been many different interpretations of the creature on stage and screen and comic book page in the last 180+ years. And I like different.

Of Course There’s a Frankenstein Monster (Black and White)

Here’s the black and white original version of my requisite Frankenstein Monster. It would be difficult for me to design a portfolio site without including a Frankenstein or two. He got a place on the first Skookworks.com banner.

I’m still in the process of figuring out how I want to arrange the galleries at Skookworks. I’m not sure if I want to have a specific Frankenstein gallery or if I should include him in a general Monsters gallery. Heck, I’m not sure yet if I want a general Monsters gallery.

Thinking, thinking.

The Undeveloped Elias Photos

Finally we have sketches for another couple of Jackson Elias photos. I realized that, with the previous five illustrations, I had enough images to fill the available space on Elias’s desktop. Any further photos who just end up crowding the existing ones. It might have made for an interesting composition but it also would have meant that I’d have done a lot of detail work that would just be covered up. I love doing fiddly detail work and don’t mind if most of it goes unnoticed but having it be completely unseen would have been even sillier than normal.